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  • Phyllis Hogan says:

    Hello Radical Herbalist Gathering Southwest, I received information in the mail from you and was curious as to who you might be! Warm Blessings, Phyllis Hogan @ Winter Sun Trading Co.

  • Nicole says:

    Love this. I admin the Occupy Herbalism Page and will post. Wish I was closer I would definitely come. I wrote an article on herbal Medicine as Resistance in Mexico in Plant Healer. Stay in Touch!!! Nicole Telkes, The Wildflower School, Austin:Sowing the seeds of the Herbal Revolution 1 wildflower at a time. We are going to have a space for a forum on activism in Herbalism at the upcoming herbalismo gathering in Austin in October Much Love and Rage!

  • Hey, I’m so excited for this. What is the deal with pets is this going to be pet friendly?

    • radherbsw says:

      We are not necessarily encouraging people to bring pets, but you are welcome to do so and I know a number of people will have dogs with them. Please come prepared to take good care of your animal friends and to be responsible for them throughout the weekend so that they do not distract from the workshops. It would be a bad idea to bring a dog that is aggressive to other dogs, children, or strangers. Thanks!

  • Nancy Green says:

    Hey there! Just learned about you. Want to know more. I’m excited you’re in my backyard! Do tell!

  • Gloryus Nikki LePage says:

    Is there a lost and found?! I left a journal and hat that would be sad to let go!!!! please email me or something. i can pick it up from wherever, hopefully it only went as far as TUcson!!! THANKS!!!

  • Hey there! I am Michael Cottingham, Founder of Bear Creek Herbs in Silver City, New Mexico, (Herb store serving the community since 1990), Director of Voyage Botanical School Of Herbal Medicine, etc. etc.

    I might be interested in offering a workshop on Herbal 1st aid or offering a plant walk. I can also talk about my 20+ year relationship with desert plants, etc. Keep me posted and give me a contact point for your coordinator, if interested.

  • Has there been dates assigned? Do you have location? Would you like to get in to Eden Hot Springs?

  • I want to move to Tucson ( Dec . 2014 ) and train in that area,,, herbs, cactus, food activism in the desert. thanks , Michaela M. in Corrales NM , Mother Bosque Gardens 87048

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