Rad Herb Registration

February 11, 2014 § 1 Comment

Hey folks, 

Rad herb is about a month away, and we need more of you folks I know are wanting to come to register!

If you haven’t yet registered for the gathering, do so by filling out these RSVP questions and emailing them to Radherbsw@gmail.com. Once you register, you will receive detailed information about the gathering and directions to the location! Thanks and love!



Name and preferred pronoun?

In what bioregion do you spend most of your time?

How did you hear about the gathering?

Will you be bringing kids with you? What kind of support do you want, if any?

What are your seeds of intention in coming together as radical herbalists this weekend?

One of your favorite plant allies and why?

Are there any workshops you’d like to see happen?

Are you interested in offering a workshop?

Do you have skills and experience in providing CONFLICT MEDIATION, MEDIC WORK, CHILDCARE, ANYTHING ELSE? that you want to share for the weekend? What would that look like? What support / tools do you need to make that happen?

Do you have any camping supplies you can share for the weekend, such as water jugs, rope, tarps, propane burners, chairs, etc?  (We will send out a more comprehensive list of needs as RadHerb approaches)

Is there anything else you want us to know? Are there any specific needs that haven’t been addressed that we could help you meet?

Please invite anyone you think would be interested in joining us! Thanks,




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