Stone Cabin Wellness Collective Wish List 2014

January 22, 2014 § 2 Comments

Radherb is organized and put on by volunteers. We ask $10 a day to cover the costs that the organizers front to make it all happen. All other funds that we receive that exceed the costs of the gathering will be donated to the Stone Cabin Wellness Collective

The Stone Cabin Wellness Collective is an all-volunteer group
of herbalists, massage providers, energy workers and laypeople who offer
free bi-annual health services in the Big Mountain/Black Mesa area of AZ.
We do this to further support the Indigenous people of Black Mesa in their
resistance to massive coal and uranium mining operations, and for those
affected by the forced relocation policies of the US government.
We organize Elder Wellness Week to honor the elders especially, but we
welcome people of all ages.

Please check out to learn more
about their decades-long struggle, current events, and ways to support.

The SCWC is in need of herbal resources. Seeing that Radherb is a convergence of herbalist and plant people from around the country and beyond, we thought it a good opportunity to regionally organize to collect needed herbs. If you have access to any of these herbs that fit the following criteria, we encourage you to bring them with you for the SCWC. Thanks for your support!

Herb Request for RadHerb

We ask that all herbs are:
-Organically grown or harvested in clean soil
-Carefully dried out of direct sunlight
-Not too old (still vital)
-Thoroughly garbled/chopped
-Labeled in closing packages (ziplock bags are perfect!)

We know that’s a lot of work- thanks so much!
If you’re unsure of a plant’s ID, or anything, feel free to ask one of us.

We go through large quantities of many herbs so it’s most helpful to get
bigger quantities of fewer herbs from one person. To wildcraft or grow for
us, you can take a look at our longer needed-herbs list, or email If there’s something you think we might use that’s
not on our list, just ask. We also have salve recipes for specific health
issues we see repeatedly, and we’d love it if you’d like to make some of
those salves. Thanks again! Your herbs will be used and appreciated.

A selection of preparations we need a lot of:

-Any medicinal mushrooms (painstakingly IDed and labeled with scientific
name.) Ganoderma tsugae, turkeytails, chaga, maitaake, lion’s mane…
-Soloman’s Seal root, grown or carefully harvested. This is nearly
impossible for us to get commercially.
-Pedicularis aboveground parts, harvested away from toxic plants.
-Bilberries/Blueberries/Huckleberries. Dried berries and berry pastes are
-Hawthorne berries, leaves and flowers
-Linden flowers/leaves
-Prickly ash bark, for oil
-Lobelia, for oil
-Black Cohosh root
-American Ginseng, organically grown
-Calendula flowers
-Baical Skullcap
-Pesticide-free Rose petals
-Mimosa bark and flowers (separately).

Oils: Prickly Ash!, St John’s Wort, Balsam Poplar/Cottonwood and Collinsonia

-Probiotics! Multi-strain, shelf-stable (at least until opening..)
-Shelf-stable fish oil from companies that test for heavy metals!
-Whole-food sourced multivitamins
-B-vitamins complex
-Type II Diabetes-specific multivitamin

Encapsulated Herbs:
-Saw Palmetto
-Horse chestnut
-Cat’s Claw
-Milk Thistle

Tinctures: Valerian, Pedicularis, Meadowsweet, Lobelia, Feverfew, Chinese
and American Gingseng, Blue Vervain, Black Cohosh, Ashwaghanda.

If someone is interested in having the longer list of Most In Demand Herbs for STWC please leave a reply on this post and we’ll forward you the link.

Thank you so much!

can’t wait to see you in March…


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