Come prepared for…

February 8, 2013 § Leave a comment

…special events throughout the weekend!

As part of the opening for the gathering, we want to offer space for all of us to share where and who we are coming from. All too often, as folks in western culture look to alternative healing modalities, we appropriate from other cultures, forgetting our own cultural heritage and stories. All of us come from somewhere and all of those somewheres have stories about health and healing. You are invited to bring something to share (story, medicine, object, totally open to your interpretation) from your family or culture. If you know little of your ancestry, take this as an opportunity to do some research, or think about other kinds of ancestry in your life, who else has guided you as a healer or radical, what lands do you come from…

On Saturday night, we can all bust out of our roles as herbalists and plant nerds and show off all the other incredible and suprising skills we have at the talent show! So bring your costumes, instruments, tricks, jokes, all talents big and small!

At the close of the gathering, we will be having an informal medicine trade. Feel free to bring any medicine, arts, crafts, treats, etc. that you would like to trade.


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