Workshop Ideas!

December 22, 2012 § 1 Comment

  • Cultural appropriation and its relationship to medicine and spirituality
  • Herbs for stress and trauma.
  • The relationship between capitalism and the sympathetic nervous system
  • Cities, pollution, heavy metal toxicity, and herbs
  • Diabetes: diet, class, race, colonization – infrastructure for fighting diabetes amongst working class people, and people of color and the struggle against systemic oppression.
  • HIV/AIDS, herbal medicine, queer struggle, and the struggles of people of color and people in the global south.
  • Hepatitis C: current treatments and herbal alternatives.
  • Cancer: environmental causes, structural causes, herbs
  • Asthma: environmental causes, structural causes, herbs
  • The role of fat phobia in notions of health and obesity amongst alternative healthcare practitioners and the culture at large
  • Understanding HPV
  • Herbs for sexual health and STIs
  • Herbs for trans folks
  • Food Justice. Class and nutrition.
  • Food as medicine.
  • Permaculture, guerrilla gardening, urban rewilding/foraging
  • Sustainable wildcrafting, reciprocal relationships with plants, tending wild medicinal plant stands, growing your own medicinal plant garden.
  • Plant/ecology walks. Native plants of the South west/Sonoran desert. Wilderness awareness
  • Energetic medicine flower essences plant spirit medicine
  • Plant meditations, energy work, body work.
  • Constitution and stress types- Western, Chinese, and Ayurvedic.
  • Herbalism and indigenous issues
  • Constitution, case studies, pathology.
  • How to start and run a free clinic. Update from projects/discussion, Organizing accessible healthcare. Collective radical healing without clinical care.
  • Somatics for healing trauma
  • The AHG and the standardization of herbal medicine
  • How to deal with doctors, allopathic, medical racism, white supremacy, patriarchy, and colonization
  • His/her/hirstory of herbal medicine
  • The witch hunts, patriarchy, colonization, and the standardization of medical practice
  • Herbal first aid for protests. Self care for activists
  • Nutrition and digestive health- understanding low-carb diets
  • Harm reduction outreach – using iv drugs safely, minimising health risks, projects, supportive herbs, plant allies for iv drug users
  • Herbs for animals
  • Medical advocacy for family, friends and clients- how to be heard, ask the right questions, and get needs met within the in the allopathic healthcare system
  • Working with hierarchies of knowledge and experience in the herbal world
  • Introduction and resources for learning minor surgical procedures- stitches, vasectomies, and D&C abortions
  • Practicing outside of your legal scope of care, getting allopathic prescription medications, things to have on hand
  • What’s going on the the Southwest!- report-backs, networking, what we want to see happen, how to support folks who are already doing stuff here
  • Working with sexual trauma
  • Trans health politics- accessibility/safety issues
  • Creating deeper relationships with plant friends & allies
  • Working with addiction and mental health concerns
  • Maintaining emotional boundaries inside & outside clinical relationships
  • Discussion of herb schools/internships
  • Getting yourself or others off anti-depressants: how to safely cut dosages, herbal safety and contraindications with antidepressants, effectiveness of herbal support during the transition
  • Understanding/treating Lymes with herbs
  • Multi-lingual consultations and ethical translation
  • Group case-study activity


§ One Response to Workshop Ideas!

  • I love this. I do an herbal radio show and try to connect issues to tbe herbal world. I live in New Mexico outside of Santa Fe. Would love to be connected to your work, outreach efforts, etc

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